New animated profile picture! + Requests!



So, I decided to code this cool animated profile picture:

The way I coded it, I can make it any colors! If you want your own, just fill out this form:
Color 1 (towards corners, in rgb):
Color 2 (towards center, in rgb):
If you request this, I will turn it into a really cool gif!


Wow, that's awesome!



Color 1: dark blue
Color 2: mid blue

Sorry I dont know the rbg, just as long as it's blue. Thank you so much!


That looks awesome, thank you so much!


Ahh looking at that makes me sick xD


Awesome! Did you make this using HS?



I made it using an app called Codea. Codea uses a text based language called Lua.


Can you please teach me how to code Lua. I've been longing about it for s year now.
I need to know for roblox



Awesome! I'll have to try it out sometime!


Sorry, but I don't know of any good ways to learn Lua. I would just try googling "learn Lua programming".



Can you just surprise me

I like purple by the way


Hello! I'd like to request:

Color 1 (towards corners, in rgb): RGB- 20,0,70
Color 2 (towards center, in rgb): RGB- 228,252,248





You made that in Hopscotch? Impressive.


No, I made it in a different app called Codea.