New and Improved text backgrounds!



hey everyone, if you looked at my recent projects, you will notice that I have been making backgrounds with text in it, and if you want, you can use the background for anything unless it's not mean or inappropriate.

If you want to try making a text background, all you need is:

  • text (duh! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)
  • shapes (optional)
  • know how to use values, clones, etc. (if you don't know ask me :wink:)

Some text background examples are fading or flickering backgrounds, if you want to look at those my hopscotch username is Ihasfluffycupcakes.

The reason I can't put in photos is because they won't upload at all :expressionless:

if you make a cool text background, then this is the right place to tell everyone about it!




I also forgot control flow blocks :stuck_out_tongue:


That fading background you made was SUPER cool! I can see a video tutorial in the future about that!


Thanks! Btw if you use different colors in the fading background then it actually looks cool!


You should make neon backgrounds, pastel backgrounds, and even haunted backgrounds! This is gonna be the next big thing! Maybe @Follow4LikesOfficial may use it on his riddle competitions!


Pastel and neon backgrounds would be awesome! But when you mean a haunted background, you mean a spooky background, right?


Yeah kinda I'm in awe because the bot is fighting with @kiwicute2016 when she is trying to help and I'm doing some super heavy thinking.


If you ever forget to add something or delete something inside your post, you can always edit it.:wink:


Yea I know, but if I just make a post on the topic it will go on top of "latest"


Did you like my thank-you project? One day I hope to develop a new background...


I did I think, let me check


No, not on Hopscotch! Silly, may I be? I mean to say if your HEART and BODY liked it! You liked it on Hopscotch.🤗🤗


Oh ok! Yes, I liked it :slightly_smiling:

(Ps don't flag the posts on this topic plz)


I made the neon background! Go to my profile to see it!


I saw it, and it ROCKS


Yeah, it does, I'm seriously considering using it in a music project!


Thanks! And wow, the neon background got 6 likes already... I so need to start background requests!




My thank you project got about 7 or 8 likes already, too! Thank the hopscotch gods my projects are out of the filters.


Does anyone think that THT will make a video on one of these backgrounds?

  • yes
  • no
  • maybe