New accounts always temporarily on hold?


I made a Christmas spirit acc and I'd change the username later on but I made a post in the clones topic and it immediately got put on hold. This is happening with other accs too. One of them got DELETED...? It was gonna be a derpiness acc @scummymusical.lykid
@montoya @rodrigo why are new accs always being put on hold?


For hose of you who don't know, an acc being put on hold means you can't post anymore but you can log in.


That ■■■■■. I am sorry. BTW, thx for following me!


why do you make so many accounts, bypassing suspension is not allowed


Dude i am making these accs so when I actually use them it says in 2017 and they are old and not 2017


still, your alt accounts are not allowed. Also thanks for tagging staff so I do not have to


alright can we stop fighting I'm just asking a question and you always use friendship2468 and those accs as an excuse to get me to leave


What about percyjackson9 huh she is LGBT.suppoter


Actually her suspension just got over but she was suspended for swearing lol


Did she use the account when she was suspended


Yeah she used it the whole time she was.


WEll that is not allowed either


You're talking about the forum, right?


@rodrigo i need to ask you something






Yeah well who cares?




You can ask me whatever you want.


We don't build features for the forum, it's not our priority. The forum exists to talk about Hopscotch and coding. That's my job: improve the Hopscotch app :slight_smile: