New Account LP Together?



Hey! I just wanted to ask anyone if I should make a guest account called LP Together? Basically the username and password would be LP Together. Just asking!


Ok (can we use it right now for a Collab?)


@Gabe_N, yeah, but not right now. First, I have a soccer game in about 10 minutes (My parents let me use the iPad in the car). Also, I haven't created it yet. So, yes, I will create it in about 1 hour, but in soccer we might have overtime (another 30-33 minutes) and penalty kicks. So I'll post here when I'm ready to start!


I could make it for you?
(I'll use the same username and password as you said)


Oh and tell me if you win:wink:


Sure! That would be cool! Make the character Cody (Same as my usual character).
I will make a project on my account (LotsaPizza) thanking you! Gotta start bye and thanks!


No problem @LotsaPizza


Hi @Gabe_N! Yes we did win by a hair :stuck_out_tongue: I will be on hopscotch in another hour or 2!


Ok and congrats
(Wow I felt like I was waiting 5 mins)




It felt like a week. No one would come towards the goal! :frowning: Anyway, yeah. What'd you do? I'd love to see but my iPad's outta battery and I can't find my other one XD


I was just on hopscotch and all that
And just steal your mom or dads charger
(You know them they keep the charger in the phone even when it's fully charged, well at least my parents do)


That'd be awesome LP! A bunch of people are making that now (mostly famous hoppers)! Tell me when it's ready!


Hi @JumpyJose! It's been ready for quite a while!


Okay! Thanks! LP! I'll log in soon!


I made a pig loading screen on LP together! Hope that's okay with you!


Cool I'll look at it


Thanks! I'll log out do you can on.


Can I join you guys! Please


Of course!
Username-LP together
Password- LP together