New Account lol



My new account on HS is "Anonymous :grey_question:". My old one isn't letting me log in so without further ado sit back and relax and watch nothing happen on the channel

Just kidding I might make remixes of projects (not lotteries and chats, I mean like project remixes)


Ok yey. More anon


So its kinda like an alt?

But k.


Ok thanks for telling us :smile:

Just make sure HS does not distract you from stuff that actually matters


Thanks for letting us know!! Cool. Anon FTW!!


And of course the first thing that happens is "whoops we couldn't upload the screenshot"


I'm confused....

Are you @Anonymous?


Yes, yes he his.


Cool. You're still sweggiest




My goodness. @Anonymous is suspended. For saying hi.


Oh hi nonny nice account


Just kidding I lied it's not my account