New! Account hip hip hooray



Hi. Punk gamer here and I just got a school account. WHAT?!? So I was just sitting while the teacher tells us about math, and she thought hopscotch was math. So I got to get it. P.s. I'm still Punk Gamer on that



Hopscotch has to do with tons of math! It has sine and cosine, part of the trigonometry. Needs so much math to make most of the stuff, you might not even now it!


:slightly_smiling: that's right! Even I didn't know it until a week after I have had Hopcotch!


when I first started coding I happily just dove right into whatever scripts I could find like a happy little mole, I quickly realized (after like 2 seconds) that there was a lot of math involved... a LOT of math, like HOW!?! then I got into it, described that making a 3D game wouldn't be too hard... he, he he, ha, HA HA!!! HA HA HA!!!!! it is nothing but math!!! and then I studied a bit more, found out this math was trig, studied trig for about 10 minutes, realized I had no idea what 3/4 of these words meant, and just dropped it for about a year, and here we are, a year later