New account for everybody!



Let's make a new account where everyone can go on and play, use. We can also chat in drafts!
User: Hopscotchers4ever
Pass: hopscotch


Okay! Sounds Great! How about we call it "All of Hopscotch"?


Thats sounds awesome, but what about hackers? :open_mouth:

They could delete drafts and say mean things, you should be careful with this account. :smile:


Sure let me make the account and I will tell everyone the username and pass.


I'm a hacker!

I hack in MINECRAFT!




Okay! Sounds AWESOME​:ring::womans_hat::princess:🏻!!


Sounds like a good idea


Hopefully it won't get hacked! Good idea


Plz if anybody is gonna hack plz don't I'm begging you. The username is: Hopscotchers4ever
Pass: hopscotch


I'm on it, what will we do on it?


You make stuff on the account :stuck_out_tongue:


I know! But what stuff, XD


Let's talk and we can make games together. We can do a club or a collab on it.


Do u have an account, I could make one!


Just posted something!


What's the username GBOT the pass though


That was you swearing!!


Can I change the name to;


What? No, I was not! I just said "ElegantAngelEmily Here! How are you all?" You call that swearing?


Of course that is a good idea!