New account collab


I’m creating a new account. It includes @WaterFlame if he wants to join and and @DogWithAPen if he wants to join( I’m not forcing you guys to join btw) and if anyone wants to join.



Cool, I’d like to join! I don’t have HS right now, but could I still have the pass?


Sure you’re officially in the aacount I will give you the aacount details


What are they? It’s been 7 minutes


Huh? What are u talking about?


The account details! (User and pass)


I have not created them yet so ya just wait


Im outside so I cannot create the account yet. I will later inform you


Can I Please Join @Cyborgx


Yeah the more the merrier!


Sure, I can join! But I’m a girl ok? You talked about me as if I was a boy because you used he. I’m a girl. I would love to join


Oh im so sorry I didn’t know that😅 Im gonna change that


Dog with a pen is gone.


Can I have the details already?


Im so sorry this is late reply. Can i give you guys the account details on Sunday? I have exams right now and my father switched off the internet. I using moblie data right now


This is the account.
Da Collab
Password: Done


Hey could I join @Cyborgx


You need to make a PM People Can see this


How do u create a PM @SkyFrost ?
And @HotShot37 you can join too


I didn’t see the details?