(New) About The Debug My Code Category


Hey Hopscotchers! I’m one of your new leaders, @HopscotchRemixer! I will be moderating this category from now on, and I would like to update you on what this category is all about!

This category is all about asking questions about your Hopscotch code. Keep in mind that if you are asking about a more specific area it might do better in another category. If it’s frequently asked, make sure to put it in the Frequently Asked Questions category! @CodeHelp is a great tag list to use in this category, @pomtl, not so much.


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Oki noice! wait how long have we had this category without a description


I just recently unlisted the old topic. They were both up at the same time for like 2 seconds



Congrats on leader


yay! congrats on being leader, that’s amazing!! :stuck_out_tongue: