New 63-Colour Drawing Pad!



Here is a sneak peek! I plan to release it around Christmas Day. It has 20 shades of grey, regular colours, skin colours, neon colours and pastel colours! Also you can edit the request form to send request to me


20 shades of gray :laughing: (50 shades of gray reference) Anyway getting off topic.




I like the pastel colors idea! I'm adding new features to The OrangePad myself. If I use pastel colors, I'll give you credit :wink:


Very cool! Only if it was fifty shades of grey xD



On the first shade of Christmas my pad gave to me
Pureblack and no gum-tree

On the the second shae of Christmas my pad gave to me
Unpurified black and
Pureblack and no gumtree....

Be sure to leave a like for more...


Don't give credit :wink: all you need is to set the 'S' in HSB to 50


For shading and sketching purposes :wink:


Oh wow thanks!
Still giving credit! There's no escape! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


All the grey fans will go crazy! :smiley:


haha :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :wink: 2020020


I love the requests pop form option!


@JaszyKake I'm so sorry to bother you, since you're already doing the notes for the song! But you seem to know a LOT about HSB, so is there a certain number that has to be in the H, S , or B to create neon colors?


100 in both the S and B


You guys are like HSB ninjas :laughing:


Yes what poptart said :wink: And also, what about you do the long notes at the top, I do the melody at the bottom because top is much easier to code. here you can see the top long notes and where the melody is. maybe also the bass clef?


Ok! Could you tell me the letters for the top row? My music reading is really bad
(I'm sorry for nagging so much, im only beginning music :cold_sweat:)


OK! :slightly_smiling: I think if you are regular then you can edit posts that are very old. Working on it right now...


why aren't there 20 shades of natsu? or ersa? or Lucy? (sorry random anime reference, don't google images, weird stuff doesn't make sense w/out watching from beginning)


Guys, it's finished! But I will still release it tomorrow :wink:. @OrangeScent1 @LotsaPizza @PopTart0219 @TappymLP You guys are in my credits, you all inspired me to draw and code :wink: :slightly_smiling: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: