New 2015 Music Video!


As THT would say, I had to "squish some bugs" in the project. And I added some extra sprinkles!
@Liza @Ian @admins I hope you enjoy this! Our year could not be the same if it wasn't for you guys!
Please take the time to enjoy all of it
The beautiful music was made by @Follow4LikesOfficial
2016-2017 will be even better if we replicate the year before!
Thank You!


Good job! Definitely should be noticed

But it still says follow4Likesofficial, and I anonymous

It's okay though!


Oh, sorry! I should've payed attention to that D:
This is definitely one of my most favorite projects I made


I agree! It's awesome :3

I hope it gets into featured


I love the epic faceeeeee :D
@OrangeScent1 i loove it, but I don't think the lyrics match very well :wink:


I know, they aren't lyrics, only captions :wink: I couldn't find lyrics that completely matched them to my taste, so I improvised!


I think they were just captions, but who knows? :nose:

@OrangeScent1 jinx


This project is AWESOME!
But I think I spotted a bug..

Is that snowflake supposed to be there?


Knock on wood touch black hop on blue JINX


It happened to me too, but on my laptop
EDIT: I haven't tried on my Ipad yet


Yes, it is :wink: it signifies January for me :stuck_out_tongue:


I dunno, but it still looks good! For people in the USA, but in Australia and the other part of the world I think it's summer

lol off topic

@crazygoat, I know you are in Australia. What does Santa look like there? Cause December is summer for u guys, and it would be so sad if a guy dressed up as Santa had to wear layers in 90° weather


Heh but it's February!


You know what? Close enough xD


Why did you invite me to this? Actually, this is what shows up, I don't know what this is... How did you do it? I got a notifaction!


It's an invite :stuck_out_tongue: lol


Good question.
@JaszyKake you live in Australia, too, right? How's Santa like?


I'm inviting people to look at it :wink:


Ohhhh! I really like it!
It's super duper awesome!


omg! this is soo cool! great job!