Nevermind I am so confuzzled


I private messaged you earlier, @Liza, and I think I need my projects pushed out of the filters. I accidentily published my quiz early and it had not received any likes or views and not even a remix with results, and you said the words d e a t h and kill aren't censored unless used in a negative or bad way. So yeah, I'd like it if you pushed Potter Productions's projects out of the filters.
Thank you for your time. Again.



Try liking your project again and see if it's in your favorites tab:
If yes: maybe just a slow start for your quiz!
If no: Then it's the filter :slightly_smiling:


I unpublished it. Nobody liked it overnight, and I usually get 5-8 likes overnight.
It's stuck, I believe.


Wait, I just publishes a project and it was liked by MC