Never mind this .Sure u can vote but u wouldn't know why I voting



Title says it all .I don't think it is but here is a vote

  • Nope
  • Yes


Votes are public.


I'd say no I don't know why it's not blocked?


People have said it before and got in trouble for it, so I don't recommend it


No, some people consider it as a swear and some have been flagged for saying it so it's not ok.


Yh I wonder why it isn't censored tho


Same. kIwi once had Tom remove it from someone's profile


Oh from rawry profile .I remeber


I'm recording video. Say hi!


Hi .U have YouTube?


I may have it soon when I ask my mom my mom. Re recording a test and I'm gonna edit I think with iamofie after I made dine recording.


Ok the.


I made really cool edits of stuff with iMovie last night. It's annoying to HS to i can't put the clips together without them playing the full thinf though
I can if I use to save the clips and then add them together in iMovie, but there will be annoying stuff at the end of each clip.


Kk (see what I did there) But don't tell us ur musically as cummoincation is banned other
Than the forum


I won't share my here don't worry, I was talking abiut savinf rhe xlips as private she and then saving the money to my camera roll and adding them togetherness on imovie


I think you can do like KayKay said and film if you have the red icon in the corner and then that will go to camera roll then you can transport that to iMovie.


Or you can use AirShou which records the whole screen, save it to your camera roll, and export it to iMovie