Never mind closed off


Ive been pretty sad or mad seeing all the famous people getting all of the hearts and i just once someone did a spiral and got 203 likes on it


Uh, could you make that more clear please? What am I supposed to say? :laughing:


Us famous people work very hard to get up to the rank we are now! If you try working hard to make good projects, you'll definitely get famous! :smiley:


Yeah, I know, it's not fair. I made a game—Make-A-Leprechaun!— for Saint Patrick's Day, and it deserved to be on Featured, it was Featured-quality, and it didn't get on Featured because it came out late. :rage:

Starting a forum trend of MemorableChicken's hashtag.


Again, persistently make cool games, and you'll get noticed! :D


Nice yes hopscotch isn't about being famous and getting likes it's about coding (see my topic there's little kid on hopscotch)


Isn't the spiral draw you saw by The Hopscotch Team? That would explain it…


Ok, why does being famous or featured even matter? I cam to Hopscotch to code, not to be famous. Why do people care about it so much? That's what I would like to know.


Exactly! I agree. Coding is the main point of Hopscotch. Everyone starts out inexperienced, even the best of people! :D


The reason I'm not famous is because I role play...


Yeah, well,you don't want to do RPs, chatrooms, social media-like stuff, etc. So maybe if you make some more projects that are really good, I will follow you (RPs and chatrooms clog our following tab) and you may become famous.


I'm with you!


I'm thinking about making an account just for RP because people have stopped following me.


That's actually the reason I don't follow you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I still look at your account, though!


Yeah, good thinking, you can turn your current account into an RP account by changing the username and you can have a fresh start on a new account that is just for coding.


Cough Cough cough that's exactly what I said!......


I would do that but then i'd lose Marsh pad. I worked incredibly hard on it. I'd rather unpulish all my RP's.


Or I might as well report all the RPs so they don't clog our following tab. What's your username again?


No it wasnt by hopscotch team


When you put it like that I'm not sure I want to tell you...