Never have I ever game


Another game in my series of game to help the forum get to know each other better so we all become friends and prevent flame wars

how to play

If u have ever played before then we are most likely going to play it differently because we are playing over screen, not in person. The way this works is that someone's says something that they have never done. If u have done it then u reply to them and say "I've done it." U can tell them about it if u would like but don't get too off topic please.You don't need to ask to say something that you've never done.

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I'll start

Never have I ever swam on a swim team


Never have I ever spent a day (in the past few months) without thinking of Hetalia or getting Pub-And-Go stuck in my head.

kyou mou ame, kinou a mou ame, kitto ashite mou ame dakedo—


I haven't done that


Never have I ever swam in a lake


I have

Have u swam in a pond or pool?


Never have I ever went a day without going to the bathroom
I think




I have swam in a pool area


I have. Unintentionally.

i told my dad that the kayak was faulty but diD HE LISTEN OF COURSE NOT—



Can u or someone else please do a OMTL on my main game topic please?
My phone is glitching and won't let me


Never have I ever went into my kitchen


Never have I ever expected a Feature.


I've never had a feature lol.

Never have I ever been invested in an idea as much as an anime idea


Never have I ever gotten 2000 likes on a project!


Never have I ever been tripped and hit my head.



What happened to this trend.
Never have i ever driven ■■■■■

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I have many times. I once hit it myself playing with a cricket bat

Never have i ever played cricket
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Never have I ever made an off topic forum post for absolutely no reason


I don’t think so

Never have I ever got featured/rising