Neural networks/Machine Learning in Hopscotch?


Ya your not wrong. What we could do is you have two buttons on the player side one for attack and one for defend

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Like that one game that got featured a while ago, except one side is AI.

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Ya basically like that, but we would have to make a learning function

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Now THAT would be hard.


Ya what we could do is have the network be able to tell when the player has hit one of the buttons, but then not tell it exactly what to do, so it would have to store data to learn what to do when the player hits different buttens


Ever harder when computers are programmed to take the direct route.


Ya your not wrong lol

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It isn’t really a neural network if it searches a database.


The concept that program is based off of is biased random… Kinda. But it stores past games and uses that data to win

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An super ultimate goal would be making a neural network play chess.

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I feel like a complex neural network would be difficult to create. Creating one requires some complex algorithms, which needs some major processing power. I suppose if the task is simple enough, it wouldn’t be too hard, but I believe the HS app is too limiting.


I agree with this, but to do anything else we would have to find something else to collaborate on. I am currently playing around with python and neural networks


That doesn’t necessarily make it a neural network.

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I guess your not wrong, but it is machine learning (I guess I should change the title…)


Machine Learning would still be immensely hard.

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ta ta tsh