Neural networks/Machine Learning in Hopscotch?


I was wondering if anyone wants to collaborate with me for a neural network…

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@Hopscotcher I think


Wait what’s a neural network?


Um… maybe? What is a neural network? @Mindcool24


I might join… but what’s a neutral network?


I’ll join! And I know what a neural network is, so get rekt other people.


This is the internet’s definition of a neutral network
“Artificial neural networks or connectionist systems are computing systems vaguely inspired by the biological neural networks that constitute animal brains.”
Get rekt people…


Wat. Does. That. Mean.
I will if I ever understand it!




Sorry… I didn’t see this until now… A neural network is an artificial/simulation of how a brain works.


OooOoOOhhHHHhH I get it now!


What would the goal of the finished project actually do? What is the goal?

By the way, this game involves something similar.


This would be pretty hard to do in HS, at least from my experience with it. IDK if it’s changed now, but good luck!
I don’t know much about them, but I am glad to help research if you want.


I’ve tried a few things along the lines of an AI that learns by itself and I haven’t figured out if it’s possible


Maybe we can make a neural network that stops drawings from being posted on the app :thinking:


Ya I’ve looked at that


Sweet thanks!!


Hmmm lol good idea… That would be useful…


Here are some models


This looks interesting. I’d love to get involved, I love these things. (P.s did you draw that in class?)


So what else? How do we implement anything simple like that in Hopscotch?