Neural Network Artificial Intelligence in Hopscotch?

Lil question, how differential is Scratch From Hopscotch?
I mean sure there might be some differences but there are also some workarounds
They made a neural Ai in scratch

@PumpkinGirl don’t know if you are online, it says “Seen; Just now”
Can you please fix the links in the dev resources they have random tags in between the links like

<at.> <ge.>

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sure! would you like to quote the post with your changes - I’m not sure where to make them?


Right here please. ( the post I am replying to.)
In the folder labeled: Neural Network Ai Developing resources.

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@PumpkinGirl sorry for the tag, don’t think you got notified that I replied.

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Thanks you!

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Oops, I forgot I was working on this, I’ll give an update sometime next week!