Nested conditionals don't work and conditionals inside of abilities don't work



Continuing the discussion from Petrichor I (Am):

Another thing I noticed is that putting a conditional inside of an ability makes any code after that conditional not work. I haven’t checked with code after the ability yet, though.

Projects which use conditionals inside of conditionals don’t work. The code inside the second conditional doesn’t happen.

steps to make the problem happen

  1. Add a check once if block.
  2. Inside of that, add another.
  3. Add code to the inside of that block

This bug causes that code to not work.

So this code:

Causes this result:


Hm. That’s odd. Have you emailed THT about it?
Also, would it still do it if the second check once if had a different equal thingy than the first?


I think I’ve experienced this “bug”.
7=7 also means repeat forever.
Repeat forever
Repeat forever
Set text to “working”
The code should always display “working” but for some reason it doesn’t.


What if 7 does not equal 7?

Just to let you know, that was a joke. I’m not that stupid…


I think I found the problem.
Check once if only checks it once. 7=7 doesn’t really matter.


But then again,shouldn’t it display broken?


No, everything is completely down for every project


What do you mean?


If you go onto any project with variables or anything related, all of them are down and not working. THT might have messed up some code on accident while importing the Halloween characters…


But the variables work for me.
Also, is this @Petrichor in STvH’s account?


Eheheh what makes you think that?


This is like how petrichor would talk.


You mean I can’t talk normally for once? Lol


That’s called “I N F O R M A T I V E T V”


No but it’s Petrichor’s normal talking


Yeah I guess? I’m just trying to get out a point


Ok but I do not believe you still


I would have thought that THT would have learned from this by now

Note that this exact glitch was present 185 weeks ago!

Don’t try any workarounds, just wait for a fix


That is really weird. I hope that THT will fix this soon!


@Awesome_E @thinbuffalo @jonnygamer
It seems like the webplayer was updated yesterday or something, and that’s what broke it. I switched mine to a version from just after the 3.30.0 update and it works again.