Nerdy Maths topics [check 'em out here!]


Hi so like there are a lot of maths topics so I thought lets put them all togother here because in my opinion Imm confuzzuled!

Topic by @JonnyGamer
Maths competition

Maths blog

The numberphile topiv


equasion for ellipses

fractals and recruision

problem solving in general

Oh and feel free to talk about all maths stuff here! xD :DD))))


I love this. Thanks so much :smiley: :+1:
cough cough @t1_hopscotch

(Edited your title a little bit, there was a "?" previously)
(Also, it says Numberphile Topi v in your post)
(Also, change "equasion" of eclipses to equation)
(Change recrusion to recursion)

Lol, I'm autochecking :sweat_smile:

We need to make a math Tag List


1 + 1 = 193729372
Clearly I am already a math wizard


OMG how'd you know that?


It was magic
◬ illuminati confirmed


If ya do, put me in it, even though I am, by far, not smart. AT ALL


This is a great idea to help make navigating easier, @FCD! :smiley:

And a maths tag list would be awesome!!


Thanks autocorrect JK!!! Thx tho


Cool topic! This is like MobCraft´s topic portal but for math topics, and this is a great idea!