Nerdy Hopscotch Questions - Coding Megathread

More fun frame rule stuff:

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I believe it stays around for a frame or so then it gets removed.

That would make sense but not by much.

They’re not strings. Currently in player 2.x there is no way to get a string with only digits. Characters between block no longer always returns a string

Yes the player definitely has memory leaks.

I’ve been working on a player mod to explore these sorts of things in the app more easily and to step through code one block at a time, which should make debugging code that is split across multiple rules easier.

If I recall correctly, whenever an object changes its z index the player sorts the objects at the start of the next frame. To do this, it makes a huge array that is the size of the highest z index set, which would take a lot of memory at higher z indices. Definitely try to keep z indexes low and change them infrequently for best performance.


So you make the player interface, I make the editor interface? Got it. Here’s my preview of what I’m working on (finally I can show it now that the web editor is released!)

Yes, that’s correct.


Where is the modding tool or project search on the web player?

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not public yet – it’s a browser extension

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Where is the browser extension. Or is it not out yet

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“Spider HS” still choosing a name

AE is also still working on it

pretty awesome (e)