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hoi aim tem
Dis is meh general topic, dis is where ai post stuff like project updates and I answer questions too.


Stickquest, a scratch game. Mostly unplayable so far, but here is the link.


Flashing Text Tutorial

Math Problem Generator



Have fun at hopscotch HQ, it's really fun there :D
The team r really noice :D


Hi! Have fun where Smashy said!

Also the question list isn't too bad


I was talking about the question list.


Don't know what you're posting about... Heh heh


Wait, you have been there, right? If so, do I need an appointment? The guy on the bottom floor asked if I had one, but he wasn't completely sure if I actually needed one. I went back to the hotel anyway, but I plan on going back there, whether I need an appointment or not.


I went in June, this summer :D

You should email Liza, your have ur parents email her, so they can plan a time and know that ur comming :D
I dun know if you need an appointment :( I had configured something with Liza before we came :D

We said we were going to Hopscotch Technologies :D
And they did the weird security thing where they had to take a pic of ur face and put it on a tag wore :D



k thicks is the email right?


Ur welcome :)


Yeah :D

It's unlikely but she might respond, :)
(To the tag)


Have fun at HQ!
What would you add to HS
What would you do in HS HQ


I would add the option to get the old editor back. It would be great if you could use the old editor or
the new one. And to keep it the same app as on iPhone you would have still have the option to use the old editor, but it would say "Recommended for iPhone" above it (or something like that).


How did you find Hopscotch?
What's the story of your username?


1 : I found hopscotch in 3rd grade, we had it on the school iPads. (There were only 4 students (including me, and out of 34) who actually programmed anything, everyone else just played games and pretended to code.)

2 : uh... umm... idk


First Pixel Art


That's really güd! Great job!

self confidence crumbling




New Version of StickQuest is out (Next priority, battle system)