Neo's Guide To The New And Improved HSF



Alright! This may sound a bit cheesy, but some people may not know what to do with all of the new topix and features with the HSF so...

A GUIDE HAS BEEN BORNED! (Great grammar, Neo...)


Collabs, Requests, And Competitions: The go-to category for art requests, coding clubs, the Hopscotch Halloween Contest, and many more! Here, you can make clubs, competitions, and requests for others. Basically a social coding category.

Bugs with Hopscotch: This one is self-explanatory. If there are any bugs with Hopscotch, (the app this forum is based off of.), this is the place to report it. In this category, you can find bug reports by other Hopscotchers. If you have a problem with Hopscotch, look through this category, and, chances are, you'll find a bug report for the same problem you have!

Meta: This category is for talking about the forum. Any suggestions, tips, and tricks for the HSF goes here! (This is also the category where this topic is! :3) You can suggest new categories, or explain how the forum works, too.

Math: Here's another self-explanatory one. Here, you can find stuff related to the math in coding, whether it be sine and cosine, to... well, I can't think of anything else right now... :3. If you are a numberphile, you'll enjoy this category.

Control Blocks: This category is about asking questions about the blue control blocks in the Hopscotch app. (The control blocks are: Wait, Repeat _ Times, Repeat Forever, Check Once If, and Check If Else.) These blocks are essential in almost every Hopscotch project, so this category is just the same.

Design, Color, And Sound: This category is for basically anything related to sound, color, and design of your projects. Here, you can discuss backgrounds, future sounds that could be added to Hopscotch.

Announcents: (I don't think that you are allowed to post in this one, but please don't quote me on that.) This is THT's (The Hopscotch Team's) announcement category, where you can find, (in the near future, at least), update info, beta testing, changes to the forum, and so on.

Open-Source Code: This is a category for experienced coders wanting to share their work, or just to find some fun code to use. Here, you can find open-sourced code, whether it be backgrounds, game mechanics, drawing pads, you name, this category probably has it.

Debug My Code: This is a category for you to find or give help with code. Here, you can get help with your code, or give it to those you might need it. For example, if you don't understand how to make a drawing pad, some experienced Hopscotcher, (aka not me xD), can give you some advice and/or walk you through it.

Random Stuff: Everything unrelated to Hopscotch is here. Literally everything. General topix, maybe some rants, IDK. This category is kind of like a mixed bag. You never know what your going to find in here.

How to find the newest topix:

  1. Go to the top, right underneath the giant Hopscotch logo.

  2. Click the "Latest" tab. (Next to the tab labeled: "Categories")

  3. Bask in your newfound awesomeness.

  4. Thank me on writing such a detailed guide on this. (Kidding xD)

I'll write more as I get ideas and as, (hopefully!), more features come out!

Hi there; I am WhatTheGirlScout.

@Rodrigo I see you dere.

Come out xD


Hahaha, sup? How can I help?


Will more features be coming out to the forum? I mean, no, I know that's asking a lot, but will there be more features? I'm excited, and I want to know, but it'd be easier on my fingers if there weren't so...


I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know...


:joy: Why so many "IDK"s?


He doesn't know.


After all those IDKs, I think I found that out xD


uhhhh... THT...
It's kinda annoying that when you first come to the forum, you see the categories. Most people would skip the categories and go to Latest. It would be helpful if the "Latest" category would come automatically when you first enter the forum. Then "Categories" would be an option to click on; not vice verse like what the forum is now. It would save those small, but valuable moments of our time.


Mimi's General :))

I agree with you. I liked seeing the "latest" topics first and then seeing where they were categorized.


I think there is a layout where you can have the latest topics underneath all the categories, you used to be able to access it from but I am going to check now
- Edit: no this has changed now


Ok! I'll check it out.
- Edit: Nvm