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F(I apologize for making ANOTHER topic. 2 of them got closed, thanks @Fanboy, and the third just became a therapy topic, so I'm not going to make another one.)

I am writing a book! No, I'm serious. Actually tho.

It's a (hopefully) comedic personal narrative of all my screwups, so, I can add some fiction ones. I need ideas for said fictional screw ups and such.

Tag yourself on this list if you want to be informed of new updates on the book:

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Beware that this website is my personal website. I can see all the comments and all the IP adresses on said website. If I see any spam comments or hate, I can ban your IP. I have already gotten hate on both the forum and the website. I think I've had enough for a week.

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@Fanboy got suspended, and nice!


How much did you pay


Cool! But you should probably delete your last name, you could get in trouble.


Cool!! I'm sure this'll turn out extremely well!! How has it been going so far, writing the story??
Just telling you here, since I'm not leaving a comment on your website. :sweat_smile:


It's going good. I need much more time tho! I'm also adding some comix I made as well.


Adding the comics will also add your perspective really well because it'll be really like through your eyes!! Have you drawn any of the comics yet??


Yep! They're all done! As well as drawings and stuffs...


Could I see some of them, if they're easy to access right now?? Did you do them digitally or on paper??


Both, but I would prefer to keep them until you all get the e-book free! :DDDDD


The e-books gonna be free!!! That sounds AWESOME, I'll definitely be reading it then! :laughing:

How long do you have left to complete it, do you have a lot of it done??
Sorry I found I'm asking a lot of questions, from what you've said in the summary it seems like a great book in the making!!


Yeah, 300+ pages so far! I need more time to work on it tho. Between school, helping people, and HS, I don't have too much time.


This is a great amount of the book you've gotten finished, good luck with the rest of the project!!


@Currency5097193 this ones for you :3


My screwup is being born


Preview of book on WattPad. More being published #soon