NeoPixel And CodePerfect's collab topic! (PixelPerfect. I ship it.)



I SUMMON @CodePerfect

Now, first order of business. What should we name our account?







I like that one


Hey @NeoPixel! I like PixelPerfect! What should our password be? Also I am going to put this topic on watching!


Already made the account, and the password is...

I'm not going to say until you are on! @CodePerfect, are you on?


Hi I am on. What's the password?

Only CodePerfect can see this, so if you are not CodePerfect, please do not click this.

Edited out.

Write down random letters after you jot it down.




Alright! Quick reflexes, Josh! Wow...


Welcome! I didn't jot it down I just remember it! What should we make next?


Ok... Geez... if only I had a memory like yours...

I took a poll, and people want to see games! Then afterwards, pixel art, or trail art...


Okay! I have to go soon. What should our first game be?


Dunno, got any ideas? Cause I don't... Maybe a fighting game?


I don't know either. Maybe we can make a game called "Aquarium Collect". What you would have to do is collect food and then feed it to your fish. The way you would die is by feeding them shells. @NeoPixel.


Good idea!


Should we start working on it? What we would have to do is make him move to catch the food. But if he catches a shell game over!


You here? Josh?



I made the title screen! Can you go check it out?


Forgot the password..... AAAAAAAAAAAA