Neon Colors How do you get them? Do you know how


How do you get neon colors?


You can copy and paste HSB colors from websites and other projects into your own project!
What's you want neon green. Maybe go to an art pad and copy the color in the color block
Then to your own thing, grab a color block and hit paste! There's also codes in websites which you can use a text block for, there's a video made by the hopscotch team also about these colors, maybe check that out! It's really helpful!


Here is a little tutorial...


Here is the most common way to get neon colors,


On here or Hopscotch (ps. Who deleted my post? I'm not mad)


YOU CAN GO TO A WEBSITE CALLE RGB.TO. Oops caps lock! Lol. My favorite are HSB 160-240, 100, 100 and you dont have to put the parentheses!


The "secret colors" tutorial on HS is really helpful, and it explains it really well. :smile: