Nemo Topic! 🐟🐠🐋🐬



Here we can post Nemo projects, etc.
I was inspired to do this by watching Finding Nemo today!
I really want to watch Finding Dory...


I'm sorry I had to


@GoatLord I really want to post a meme based off finding dory but then I'd spoil...


Yeah pls dont post finding dory spoilers
I might be watching it this holidays though!
Thats the next two weeks!

Baby dory is very cute.~KC
Yes you are right -GL


I haven't seen it but I've seen an everything wrong with it


Yey nice post

On that one


Have you found dory?


I think I am seeing Finding Dory tomorrow!


I saw it yesterday! It made me cry ;-;


I saw it :D

It was very cute and sad at some parts :0

I loved it :3


dat's funi XD


Who are you?

Translation in a language you will understand.
Danks :>! R u rely tem :open_mouth:


yeep, yu endustan meh?


So, hi xD
(I have not played undertale, so umm.)

Translation -
Soi hi xd
I hav nut payed undertale soi :frowning:


oondertel? wa dat? I beh en mei shup al de teim.




es det sepose te be e pitur?


quote me
and the comment I made


That is the best meme ever!!!!


I'm watching Finding Dory today!