Neko Atsume game help?


I am awesome_giraffe and I love hopscotch! My username in hopscotch is giraffe88:sparkles: And I like coding. Who plays Neko Atsume here?
Can any body help me with a Neko Atsume game on hopscotch? BlueBubbles I can help you we can work together I will help!
Thank you! :cat: Meow!


Hi! Welcome to the forum, @Awesome_giraffe! I'm @SmileyAlyssa!!! :smile::smile::smile: you will love the forum! It's an awesome and helpful place!


I love Neko Atsume! I would LOVE to help out! =) 'o'


I love playing Neko atsume but I won't have time:(


Welcome to the forum! I play this game it's so much fun! Type @Huggingfluffybear if you need any help!


Nero? Who said Nero?:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Sorry! It's nothing, well it's auto correct, idk! Lol


put photos of neko atsume here!


if you are wondering how to pronounce neko atsume it is like this: Neeko Atsoomay!