Neko Atsume Collab



Hi there this is my first topic! !
I'm looking for some partners to make a game like Neko Atsume!
Just tell me your experience with coding etc. and ask to join.
I'll really let anyone who wants in!

Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector Collab: Continued

Yes I wanna join I love Neko atsume take a pic of your yard I wanna see this is mine:

Can I join I am a huge fan of the app and I want to make it to


Experience: Knows what all of the blocks do
Knows how to create a "random" algorithm
Can use values
Knows how to make currency work
Can use shapes/text Unicode to make things like characters and backgrounds
Has had Neko Atsume for about 2 weeks
Can I join? =(^.^)=


Omg yes! You totally can you are so good then I'm just


Yup great!
My hopscotch is the same what is your guys?


Corvus. This is my lowly one:


Ok @everyone I have to leave for now but we will continue this tmr.





So when will we start to create it it sounds really fun! Will we make a collab account? To do it?

I love the app I have all easy cats and half of rare cats


Maybe we can just use our accounts, make a loading screen so no one copies and it appears to be nothing?
What is your account? Same?
We can talk about it on here...
Ok I'm leavin g now :sweat_smile:


What do you mean by what's your account? My hopscotch username is FluffyMice!

If u want rares here's how:


Wouldn't people click on it anyway? But sure, and maybe after someone else has confirmed they have the published project in their drafts, we'll unpublish the projects.


@GysvANDRegulus is our cat meme finished??


Yeah, I think. Also, I just replaced Mister Mouse for the pile of leaves... HTWBMTTCLBTLOTFIPMSC


Mister mouse attracts a rare cat!


Yes that makes sense sounds good!


Could I help? But I don't know anything about Neko Atsume


Yes you can maybe you could get it? But that's ok it's just about getting cats.
You put out food and toys and they come.


I'll get it soon!
Seems fun!
Count me in....
(meh, I'll do it:123456789)


Great u r in!
What is your hopscotch, is it the