Negativity ends here



Okay,I made an old topic about this, and @HappyPerson, I hope you aren't mad that I made a similar topic, but I've forgotten to make this topic.

@HappyPerson, could I make another topic and kinda put the, together to make a bigger squad??

So, anyways, I totally agree with her and many other people about how THSF and HS are falling apart. There's too many flame wars, about small things that don't matter. I'm not trying to target people, but if you have cyber bullied someone, you have to realize that it's not cool at all. that goes to you spam flaggers out there.

I'm making a committee, that will help Fourmers with how to deal with cyber bullies. Please ask me for permission to be part if the committee.

Have you ever partaken in bullying-
if you have partaken in bullyin and want to join, will you improve-
Have you seen anyone be bullied-
Have you taken part in a flame war-
Will you be nice-
Will you be willing to help others-
Will you be truthful-

  1. @Elemental_Cat (Founder+Leader)
  2. @Twizzler
  3. @FearlessPhoenix
  4. @HappyPerson
  5. @The_Crafty_Painter
  6. @IKeudin


Oooh! I'm really good at this stuff! Can I join this group?


This is a cool idea! :sunglasses:

But, I'm afraid this seems to be a lot like Hopscotchers Against, which is another club you can join to help :D

Did you SBYP?


Nice idea, but I honestly think there are way too many topics like this, and none of them accomplish anything. Make sure that your topics are unique, not just a little different to something, and that you're actually going to help out the forum by making this. :slight_smile:


Is that a topic? What is SBYP? Is that a sickness?


I was asking her

She hasn't replied yet, but I'll delete this topic if she says not to.


@Twizzler, lemme make a form to join



It mean search before you post

Lol, I just recently found it out


Yes, that is a topic.

SBYP stands for Search Before You Post, which means check to see if there's already a similar post. :wink:




Thanks @Refugeecat123


I made the forum!

It's on the first post


You made the forum? I thought Hopscotch did.



It's on the first post


Okay! I will fill it out!


No, and that will never happen.
Online and in real world.
I don't know what that is. I will look it up.
You can count on me!
Whoo! Yes!



Yourrererererrr in!!!!!


Cool topic!! It's great to see everyone interested in making the forum a better place. But I want to say two things-

One- Hopscotch and the forum are doing just fine. There are a lot of flame wars and fights, but we are doing our best to improve it. I think we all need to realize that some problems take time to fix, and that saying the forum is falling apart isn't really helping. Sorry if anyone took offense to this, I wasn't intending it to be offending. Just trying to help :)

And two-

I don't think this is a very nice thing to say. What if they have but they regret it and/or want to improve? I think you should welcome anyone so they can learn kindness and such :D


A flame war is an argument online that usually involves being mean and disagreeing impolitely. :D



Hold on I'll fix the form


Ok, well then I have never done that.:slight_smile: