Need Trail Art/ Code Ideas?


Hi everyone! I found an awesome website that has art and gifs that you could code! Thanks @IKeudin!
Just go to

If you are looking to make cute trail art, go to:

You can search for specific things by clicking the three bars in the top left corner.

Hope this helps!


First reply!


Who likes trail art that I could tag?


Me! No, food delivery, coan, isnbn, me, smishy, others


Idk who else to tag :sweat_smile:


Them and @Candycane or @SmilingSnowflakes or any of the other amazhang trail artist!


Wow, great find @Madi_Hopscotch_! You could also use these as characters in a game (using images). Just make sure to give credit to the rightful owner of you make a project using their art or recreating their art. :smiley:


Of course, pizza. Try make a sandwich, bag of chips. Sprite idk....


Great idea! I actually found the website when @IKeudin gave me a link to somthing on that website, so I shouldn't get the credit! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow, this is so awesome! I'll definitely use this.


If you ever ask me for an art idea, my first answer will always be pizza


Thank you, they all look so kawaii!


Yeah they are super cute!


I hope people can make awesome art with this!


Yeah, it's an awesome website, thanks for the great find! Also, I'm finished with the polar bear thingy, it looks super cool! I will post it on Monday probably. Thanks for your awesome profile pic! :smiley: