Need some help!


So....I'm not sharing information by putting a pic of me as my profile pic right? I know that many people would like to see what I look like so.....yeah! Anyone know if that's ok to do that?


Nope, sorry!

Your face is personal info and should not be shared on the forum.


It's not okay to do that, as it is personal info. :frowning:

Do not share personal info on the Internet!


Sorry I don't think so!
However, you can draw your self or describe your self!


It is sharing personal info..btw is it still ur profile pic?????


What they posted :sweat_smile:


:grimacing: Sharing a photo of yourself on the web is one of the biggest things not to do. If your unsure about what you can/can't post, I suggest reading the community guidelines!


No! You really should not post a pic of your face, especially your eyes. Thousands of people might come across that photo, you never know. This is the internet. People could track down your location. Its not safe. Trust me. It counts as personal information.