Need Quotes! (Please Click on This!)



Hey, forum community!

I need quotes for energy flow projects.

If you give me a quote, I will quote it in an energy flow project for you!
Make sure to include the author of the quote and the color you want the energy flow background and the energy flow squares to be!
If you want a background, post:
Energy Flow Colors (2 needed):
If it's HSB Colors include the HSB!


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What colors do you want the energy flow to be? Pick 2 @Sprouse


Blue and purple is good.You dont have to choose both quotes though...


@Sprouse done!
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Thanks!! That good for a few couple of minutes!!


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@RobotPro which colors do you want your energy flow to be?
Pick 2


Yellow and Orange please :slightly_smiling:


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Oh and green and dark green


@RobotPro done!
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@AHappyCoder done!
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Quote: Who's the best Hopscotcher ever? You!
Author: Me, my username: tankt[year number], except just put tankt
Energy flow colors: blue-green and dark pink


@tankt2016 done!
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Some more people need to quote!
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@LazyLizard which energy flow colors do you want? Choose 2


Orange and blue, go gators!


@LazyLizard done!
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