Need people for adventure game!



Hello everyone.
As the title states I am making an adventure game.
We need music (adventure)
Ads (BTW it will be called neverlost)
And people who can just code.
My hopscotch user is same as my forum and I have already published a little bit so far. Just remix and work on it then I'll remix it back, (don't worry you will Get credit )


I can help code! It sounds fun! :grinning:


Great! Can you work on NPCs (non player characters) to trade wth?


Yeah! I guess I am pretty good with text art. Anyways, do you want them to be kind of like minecraft villagers?


Sure! Yeah that would be great!


We can help! If we can join then what do you want us to do?


Do you want to choose


Can I do code?


Well, sure, if we can choose, that would be great, because if we end up with the Leave-A-Trail Block art (scenery) or Music, we would be like "Ugh.".
But we are good at drawing, maybe we could be the "blueprint maker"—the person who sketches what it should look like. And we're also good at shape art, maybe we could do the scenery and use that.


You can do what you like!


Sure you can do the code!


I am almost done with the villager text art. I will post the link soon. :smile:


Alright, I finished the text art! I can make changes if you want, but here is the link


That's great! But could you Make it in emojis so it is smaller? You could even just do the head!


I could shrink the shapes so it is smaller, but emojis make it really laggy and pixelated. :confused:


I could do music... :blush:


Sure! We need someone to do that!