Need Ideas! PLEASE



Hello! I am stuck on ideas. Can you give me ideas?:persevere:Drawing request maybe? Or a game? plz hlp


What about a mystery game??


A story, maybe??? {2020}


How about... A... My virtual Parrot?


Try making a drawing pad with HSB COLORS


Sorry I can't . HSB colors do not work for me. Look at
Caramelt Drawing​:notepad_spiral:'s hopscotch account for the reason.


What is a my virtual parrot?


Geez... I will try it for sure!


Sounds like fun! I will try to.


Why did you say Geez, what did I do??


It' s the way I talk when I think something is really good, but may be a little tough.


It's fine, you don't need to do it XD


How about a Building Construction game?


I am worried about writer's block. I was thinking about turning a story Chris Grabenstein made up into a hopscotch story. I have memorized it and he will get full credit.


I am a little confused can you explain it plz.


So you can add floors of a building to the ground, and then stack them!
They could be themed as well!


Thanks so Much!:heart::heart:︎ That idea


I have begun to do it as of a couple days ago.:grinning: