Need ideas for RPG


I need ideas for an PG game! Any ideas? Please state the multiple ideas and others.

What does RPG stand for?

RPG stands for Role Play Game.

What is an RPG?

An RPG is a game where you make your own decisions that affect a story line. Depending on the choices you make, you'll get a different ending.

Will I get credit for my idea?

Yes. I will write your name in a extra section and (maybe) give you a shout out.

What does it have to be about?

Anything! It could be someones everyday life, a zombie apocalypse, or even a mysterious new world. The sky is the limit!


You could do a zoo theme and if you muck up you get eaten by animals


This was an old idea that was brewing for a while in the back of my head:

You get a new device (I-Thingy, and you have two decisions before you're sucked into the world of your I-thingy.


Would decide what app you want to be in, and pick multiple apps, or just be in one app forever?


Hahaha that's a really good idea! Made me laugh a little just imagining some guy going to pet a tiger and getting eaten


What Do you mean about the app


Think Chutes and ladders-type design.
It was originally a joke, actually. That if you don't change your background from the default galaxy, you die as soon as your sucked in.


Sorry im a little confused


You can make it whatever you want it to be, honestly.
I just thought it was like Chutes and Ladders in the layout of the world.


Oh ok {2020202020220202}


Sorry what are you talking about?


@Paydent12 this might help you


I think im doing the zoo one and then the phone one, since it takes a little bit more thinking


It should be that you are an elf and you accidentally crash Santa's sleigh. Or you are a bird trying to survive. :slightly_smiling:


I like the idea of a corrupted earth set in the future, and there are only a few left of your kind (you would be able to choose any magical creature or just human) and the world has no leader...will you take a stand and become the leader of the corrupted world? 0.o IDK this would be way too complicated:joy:

Waff's General Topic × the end of an era

You get teleported into a game dimension where you have to beat pac-man, space invaders, Mario, etc.