Need ideas for my New Year Promise Generator



Hey! Have you seen my game New Year Promise Generator? :wink: Play it here:
So, I need ideas for a new version of it! The sentences are divided by action, thing and place. E.g: Eat/the sun/in the ocean. Or Watch a movie about/myself/in a galaxy far far away. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Can you put here some ideas for any of the divisions? It can be anything. :blush:


Hi! I LOVE these projects. My head is basically your project. (I can make random things up so fast That it's weird)


A carpenter ate a giraffe after licking a water bottle with a paper clip that was attached to a nail clipper. That nail clipper was the wife of an overweight walrus that happened to be a moldy fire hydrant and was a turtle flavored nose.


That project is my brain, it is so awesome my life is not awesome in the awesomeness of your awesome project


One day I was walking on the moon when I saw fur flavored candies being eaten by a giant octopus holding a blue apple with eyes looking at one billion stars at a plate of soup swimming on the ground that was covered with marshmallows! I'm good at making things like this also! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


OMG! :D.

Did you hear about the Rubix cube? He threw a book off the Empire State Building because his fish was actually an overweight tomato that was exposed in the Amazon for 40 years, after joining the illuminati and hacking hopscotch with 3 toothpicks!


Thank you from the thank of thanking thanks from thanking the thank you from thanks of thanking you!!


Well, I'm thanking you for The thank you and
There was an explosion
The explosion exploded
The explosion of the explosion exploded
The explosion of the explosion of the explosion exploded
The explosion of the explosion of the explosion of the explosion exploded
Then the explosion of the explosion of the explosion of the explosion of the explosion exploded
Afterwards it was tuesday
Then Tuesday exploded
Then the explosion of the explosion of Tuesday exploded...........


And did you hear about the lollipop that put a comic book in a movie recorded inside of a radio and watched by people with funny hats with pictures of themselves? A famous water puddle took a picture with the lollipop and made lots of copies to sell for cars and trucks for 50 iPhones each so it can post the picture in the water social media Rainbook. Ok, actually I think you're better than me! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::laughing:🙃



Wat wat?
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Oh, that wat is wat not wat, wait wat wat?


I don't know how to continue this conversation... I'm really confused... BTW we're getting off-topic! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wat wat?Wat watWat wat wat wat wat is that watWat is that watWat!Oh, that wat is wat not wat, wait wat wat?




Errrmmmmmmmmmm............... (body is invalid. explaining a little better)


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the potato has viewed da code on windows 10!!!!!




Lol I just made this


You... What have you done??