Need help with trail art in a game



Hey everyone of the forum!!! (And @POMTL) I need help with a game… I had a an idea sort off based of the board game Pie-face (or something like that name XD) and I wanted a pie trail-art at the start of the game (the starting menu) so can someone make a pie trail art on this
(since I’m not good at trail arts) and send it to me… pls don’t get angry, the last time I asked for people to help with a game… it didn’t go down quite as well as I hoped, but we don’t need to talk about that :grimacing:


If you want a simple trail art, I’ll be able to help. I don’t have time for anything too complex, but I can get something done for you. Any specific details? Can it be just any pie? Also, do you want side or top view? And should it be a whole pie or a slice? (You can see my Hopscotch account for more info on my trail art style, it’s “I Shall Not Be Named”)


@Stal98 I got this game that I made awhile ago. Use any of my code it is FTU just give me credit:


I will try to make a Trail Art in case you want to, but I think that the project by @HopscotchRemixer is really good.


Sry I didn’t know that u already had a project… o well everyone ignore this topic


No you can make your own version honestly I don’t care…I made this project back in May…


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