Need help with some code? Ask me!



I just wanted to be nice and offer anyone who needs it help with code. Ask away below!


Fixing my fun glitch..., when you do it really high or low it goes to the middle


In your Floating Logo,, how were you able to control the gravity? Did you use sin and cos?


I do not see said sinister glitch.


I did in fact use sin and cos.


I said fun glitch...


Ok, my questions are kind of answered. Also, what grade are you in?


7th grade... 20202020


can you fix this entire project :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: it kinda doesn't work...

at all...


in any way whatsoever...





Valgo can you make a drawing pad work? I will send a project to you and please can you activate them? Also can you add a length to it? Thx for your help


What exactly do you need to happen?


Can you tell me what it's called or put a link in your post? That'll help me find it A LOT.


Sure i need you to activate the colours and the thickness

You need to make the buttons work and can you pls add extra colours thx


What are sins and cos???


Sign and co- sign. @Gilbert189 talks about it all the time. H eased it in one of his projects too.


Sorry, he used it in one of his projects. It auto corrected.


You can scroll down in my projects until you see one that tells what sine and Cosine are. They're used for making circles and ovals.