Need help with score on game



Okay, so I want when the object touches the other object the score to stop counting up and that would be the final score. Though I don't know how to make it stop. Help anyone?




Here's a basic solution you could implement. Have a value called "Stop Counting" (you don't have to call it that exactly, but that's what I'll call it.)
When the objects touch, you can set Stop Counting to 1. Also have an "if" block wherever you increase the score, only increasing the score if Stop Counting = 0.
Try that, and it should work!


Okay, thank you @Valgo!


Oh, and by the way should it be check if else or check once if? I think it should be check once if but I dunno.


If you want it to do nothing instead of increasing the score, just make it the normal "if". If you want it to do something instead of increasing the score, then you will need the one with else.


Got it, thanks


@Valgo omg you just got help from a legendary coders @Himynameismeredith1