Need help with non-trail pixels!


Well, basically, I'm trying to do a non-trail pixel art. A non-trail pixel art is like... You know when people make trail arts, they use trails? Well, what I'm trying to do is to make a pixel art without using the trail command, but using squares! Thing is, I don't really know how to position the blocks (using code) EXACTLY next to each other. Especially when I shrink them. When I position them exactly next to each other, there should be no overlapping, and no spaces between them. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :smile::smile::smile:


Ummm, this is simple I can help.


Here is the link!


Just set position + 65 or something?

A lot of repeats though I just recommend trail art


Note that the squares are half size and have a little gap. If you wanna set position downwards use the same number, because the sides are even.


The reason I'm not using trail art is because I'm doing a pixel animation, you see, so I was thinking I could set the moving parts of the pixel art white, and change them to the desired colour once it's time. Sorry if this sounds rude I'm really bad at speaking semi- formally :joy::joy:


Oh okay, i guess your pixel art is technically shale art which is something I'm ehhh bad at ;D

So sorry, I can't really help ;(


Great, thanks! I found that the tiny gap can be solved with +34! Thanks for helping!


You can also do emojitecture or clone pixel art...
Pherhaps @t1_hopscotch and @IShallNotBeNamed , @CreationsOfaNoob can help...


So your problem is that you want to position the squares exactly next to each other, but can't?
Are you using clones? That would be the most easy way.


I've thought about this before, are you using clones or just a lot of square objects?


Either would work, but I think clones would make the workspace much less crowded, right? I made a drawing pad without clones last time, and it was horrible.


Sounds like a cool project!


Well clones are probobly the safest choice and many people use them reliably


I can do emojitecure, but I'm the worst person ever at any pixel art. I has no patience.


Um... if you're not too busy, can you do a tutorial about making emojitecture? Or. Can you explain emojitecture to me in the Talk to a Hopscotcher topic?
I tried doing it once but I failed Ellle XD


Um... okay. Actually, maybe I'll make a topic and do really detailed instructions, like my model tutorial!


Thanks @IShallNotBeNamed!


It'll be done by tomorrow, probably.