Need help with my new Pokèmon go game


Hi! Help me with my NEW POKÈMON GO GAME!

I am, as you might know, making a Pokèmon go game in hopscotch. It is basically done, the pokèmons and the pokestops works great, I will just find and fix some bugs. But, I will need your help for the game.

Name idea

Pokèmon go in Hopscotch/Pokèmon Go is the only name I can think of, so I will need some name ideas.


New pokèmons will be added in the next updates, so give me some great suggestions. I will not add one of the "real" pokèmons.

Pokestops and other features

I will need some ideas for new features. What do you want most? How should it be made? Reply!

This will be changed to the official topic for the game when I have published it.

Thank you so much for the help!


Pokéhop Go? All I can think of


Pokémon Ho?
Pokémon Sit?
Pokescotch Hop XD
Sorry for awful ideas :sweat_smile:


Pokemon Lazy cuz you don't have to go anywhere haha yes im sorry


Pokémon go!

That's the best name ever!


So excited for this game! :grin:
1. Pokéscotch?
2. Hopémon Go?
Add a Snoopy Pokemon! :3


Hopemon go has been used already and probably shouldn't be used for a different project. That would be confusing.


Oh, that's why it seemed familiar!


I have the best idea for a pokemon. Gary! ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Thanks for all the ideas! New pokèmons will be added in further updates.


There are already several Pokémon Gos being made in Hopscotch.


Does it matter? Anyone can make whatever they want.


You could all work together and make a really good one!


Ok! It was just a suggestion.


Pokèmon go is being released today with the name Pokemon go: Lazy Edition.
Feature list:

  • Two pokèmons, Boxy (@BB-Box) and Smiley

  • One pokestop that you can get pokeballs from

  • Sounds

  • A guide to get started.

All of that ^ and more things will be in Pokèmon Go: Lazy Edition Beta.
I will try to find some bugs and then publish it.

Give feedback of what you think!


I can't wait for it to be published!
When do you publish it?
Thank you for taking me as a pokemon



What do you think?


How do you catch a Pokemon?


Tap the pokeball. You have 20 pokeballs and can get more by shaking your iPad every 30 seconds.