Need Help With Hopscotch In General? Come Here!

This can be a topic to just talk about Hopscotch! Exchange tips, ideas, strands of code, whatever! I posted 10 tips in a topic before and I decided to make them into a topic, and add some new tips too!
Here are some tips:
1.Dont post often. I know this sounds crazy, but if you hold onto your projects longer and improve them before you release them, you won’t have to rerelease project over and over, which makes everything neater.

2.Dont clutter your projects up with remixes. Sophia71205 already said this, but don’t remix often! If you like remixing, make an alt account, and remix to your hearts content.

3.Stick to something. It can look good if everyone knows you as a person on Hopscotch that everyone knows, because you fit what everyone likes, you do a little bit of this, a little of that. But to get there, you have to master your skills in one thing first. Once people start enjoying that, start spreading your talents, or practice things in drafts.

4.Always have a side project. Having a side project is always good, because it can give you ideas and other things to do if you don’t know what to do next on your main project. If you build up a project over a long period of time you can keep updating it and then release something awesome.

5.Always be thinking about what would make your current project feature worthy. Let’s say you are working on a game, is it fun to play? Does it compel you to keep playing? There are plenty of games on Hopscotch that you can go into the code and get yourself infinite money of something. However, the best games are the games where you don’t want to do that, they are so compelling you want to have the feeling of beating it yourself. That is what makes a featured project special.

6.Always be testing out new skills in the background. I related to this before, but nothing is ever wrong with trying out a new concept, remember, it won’t hurt you. You can learn new things, or try to improve them. You ,ight even discover something that no one has ever seen on Hopscotch!

7.Use original ideas, but it is ok to try to remake something. People want to play projects that they haven’t played before and seem unique, or have some fun twist to them. However, if you remake a project by yourself, if it is better people are going to want to play your game more than the older used to be better version.

8.Update your games. Don’t update your games frequently, but adding new content will always get people to want to play your game again. Don’t add small things, because they will rarely completely change the game. Maybe add a new mode to a game, or more customizable options. Don’t be afraid to try some new things out in your game, people may like it!

9.Ask people what they want to see from you. Asking your audience what they want you to make can help you summarize what HopscotchRemixer might want to see. If you match this lots of people are going to want to play what you make! Maybe even inspire other people to make their own version!

10.Dont be afraid to be you. With Hopscotch, you can code infinite things. Do whatever you want to do, with the tools you know how to use, people are always open to telling you how to do something. Remember, Hopscotch is all about having fun!

11.Don’t ask for likes. Asking for likes to see how many followers you have is ok, although inaccurate most of the time. However just straight asking for likes just because isn’t ok. People don’t like people who do this, so just don’t do it!

12.Collab with people. Working with other people will help you grow and learn as a coder. You get to exchange ideas, and maybe find something out that you never kneel. I learned how to do pixel art from the first collab I ever joined. Ever since I have loved making pixel art(not on HS anymore) and looking at other pixel art. Also you and team up to make really good projects!

13.Ask for help. Similar to being in a collab, asking other people for help can help you learn new skills and help you become a better coder. Being on the forum and asking people to debug your games is an example. If somebody debuts it you learn from that experience and you know not to do it the next time.

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This is such a good topic!

Everything is very well explained and detailed! For sure deserves a nice topic!

I think this will help so many newcomers to the hopscotch world and just be a great place to come for advice!!! :smile:


Good advice. Also, there are just certain things that are really good to know if you want to succeed…

  • variables
  • turn/set angle

Those tips are really helpful! I also like the fact that you can ask anything on this topic. Great idea!

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So does anyone need help here?

My tip is that if you want to improve on coding, is that you either look on the forums for a tutorial or study the code of projects to learn them and truly understand them to either twist the technique into your style. Sorry if that doesn’t make much sense.

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Tip◾️ Use the = block to do a repeat forever. For example when 7=7… put your code here

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