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Density Calculator


Okay, I get how this is related to Hopscotch. So it's where people explain school topics using Hopscotch! Nice!


Thank you! I bet people are going to get mad at me. :wink:


How do you figure out the speed of your finger?


Or penguins
(evil laugh occurs)


@oio, we need help with that. Do you mean the rate of the speed of the movement of your finger?


Huh? How do you measure the speed of your finger moving in Hopscotch, you mean?


What is quantum physics, I know it's a famous type of physics, but what is it?, canit be done in hopsvotch?


Measure the speed of the finger mkving a cross the screen, like in scrollable projects, it's like, faster you scroll down, faster you go down!


Oh. My. Goodness.


Yes, you can do some quantum stuff in Hopsctoch. Probabilities and wave functions, etc. You could even simulate some weirdness like tunneling, if you really want to. But.... slow... it's gonna be slow. Hopscotch is good for certain things, not so much for others.


Yeah, okay, I see. This would be much better as a native Hopsctoch feature than as something we code. It will be buggy, because our ability to measure time is limited in Hopscotch. On my iPad, for example, "20 milliseconds" is no different from "50 milliseconds" or, at least, it sure seems that way.

But, in principle, what you'd do is measure the position of the "last touch" at two different times, separated by a known time interval. The bigger the difference, the greater the swipe speed. Want to make that yourself, or do you want me to make an example?


I'd like you to make an example, if that's okay!


K. I'll need a little while. How long are you planning to stick around?


Hours, probably!


So like this for speed?: oio can make a better one, though. I'm just using basic stuff.


who recreated the double slit experiment in hopscotch? this guy! what it the slowest project i've ever seen? my double slit experiment! anything to do w/ quantum physics will definitely be slow in hopscotch


I'll check, I think I've seem laggyer!
EDIT: please provide link!


And second..... What is quantum physics?


i'm on le PC right now, and meh wifi's out, so i can't give you the link 'til monday, soooo... it was oct(ish) 2015, have fun scrolling!

quantum physics is the laws of physics that objects on an atomic level go by, we have gravity, we can't teleport, but on the quantum level...


What it called?????????????????
(I will)