Need help with different people talking at different times


So I am making a "what are you thankful for" project, chillanna and Jody are supposed to talk together. The sequence goes Jody-chillanna-.Jody-chillanna-... you get the point. So their supposed to talk side-by-side, and at the last thing thier supposed to talk together, asking you (the player of the project) "What are you thankful for?".

Can anyone help me?


I would be happy to help! I can help this weekend and all the week!


Great! :3! Can you help me?


Right now on Hopscotch? Sure!


I'm not really sure what exactly how you help each other in a project, so yeah.


You need to tell me what to do XD this isn't called "help with code" for nothing


What's the meaning of XD? (I'm not a very good coder, but of course I can help you with this project, I think.)


@kvj help him/her and quick


Um, should I just leave, for now?????????????????????


No I want you to help me


Okay. Now what?

(I'm waiting)


Read the first post... then help me


Yeah, I get this. But it seems like a really easy thing to do. (Sorry if I'm hurting your feelings.)


It's fine. I am not that sensitive


Do you want me to help you now, or later, or sometime?



Please. I want to get this done in time so I can focus more on my ppap series


Can you give the code for the other person?
I see what you need help with.


Okay. But I'm just confused.


I didn't make code for chillanna yet. I will show you a diagram of what the text will be soon.


So, is there a glitch or do you need help making the code?