Need Help, with code?



Hey its.... TitanBoy
I really want to become a hopscotch forum leader, this is one of the steps I am taking to acheive this goal. :slight_smile:

If you need help with programing, I am here we can communicate throught the forum and I can see if, myself or other hopscotchers can solve your problems. Don't worry I am nice and I will do help anyone, with your hopscotch problems. And eveyone else on this forum if nice, so you will have the help you need!!

Need coding help? Post here!

To become a forum leader, show that you appreciate the position but that it isn't your top goal. :wink:
Try reading the tips on the leader promotion topic for tips on how to improve your chances of becoming leader.

And nice topic. This will be helpful for new users!


Ok, its just a goal I have not a high goal, anyone else who gets it, thats great for them. Tankt2016 not to be mean but a lot of my friends say I am a great leader. Not the best but if you got leader, i would be happy for you. My friends say, that i am nice and understanding and if the do something wrong i dont just blurt it out and say it to their face, thats mean. I try to understand their feelings.

Thanks for the comment about the topic.



Personal I think i am a great leader, but thanks for the advice :wink:


Okay! That's good to know! People who have a lot of potential for leader aren't greedy for it. You seem to have a lot of potential, too. And according to Huggingfluffybear, Liza usually promotes regulars to leader twice a week when she does it.

And you have to be a regular to get promoted.


How do you get regular?


Read lots of topics and replies and posts, have under five flags when earning it, must not have been suspended or banned, ask @PopTart0219 for a checkup for more info.


Also, you need to have been on for 50 days meeting all the rules.

For now, you should work on becoming a regular. The literal definition of the leader is someone who has been on for ever, and seen everything.

I think becoming a leader will come naturally.

But don't worry, like @tankt2016 said, you have great potential! Just don't rush it.


But, I have read a lot of replys, and done that stuff.


There is a topic called regular badge checkups. You can go see there.




You've been on for 34 days. You need to be on for about 16 more days! :wink:


K thanks so much paydent12


I'm not exactly sure about that, it is probably once or twice a year! :joy:


Leaders become leaders by being themselves.

Change comes naturally. Remember to not change your personality to become a leader, ok? :smile:


I know that but once she promotes the week after she promotes one more person.

But this is a big batch so I don't think that would happen!:wink: