Need Help With Choose Your Own Adventure Game For School


I need to code a “choose your own adventure” game for school. the problem is, I have no idea how to. Any tips or suggestions on how to do it?


I can help if you want.


Just reply if you would like help!


Welcome to the forum! Tag me @Stylishpoopemoji33 if you need any help!


Yes, please. Do you know what code to put in it?


Yes please! help would be appreciated! What kind of code should I apply?


use variable to store the choices
use set text to change the story and stuff


@SparklebeanTheGreat how experienced are you with coding? I recommend doing some planning and thinking about what story you would have and what choices that you would like to include. It can help a lot, especially if you are new to coding. Make a flowchart, a mindmap, or something else that works for you!


I’ll get back let me write an essay for you


First i would write out a story line, then type it up in Hopscotch. Then i would make the buttons for the choices. I would use variables to keep track of where you are, and use a scrolling block-

When self pressed

-set position to self x -last touch x self y -last touch y


for your storyline.


Welcome to the forum!

I think you’ll need to use values for this.

Idk how to code one though, I’ve never coded one before. But I’m sure yours will come out awesome!


Changed the title to more accurately represent what you are looking for.


I’ve already written out the story. I’ve coded a bit before, but I haven’t been on Hopscotch in a while.


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You can use varibles. Just a suggestion, reply back if you have any other questions.


Okay. Are you experienced with variables and some basic control blocks? (like check once if, check if else, repeat and so on)


Kind of… I’ve made one of those “draw your face when” games, which uses variables, but it’s not super advanced.


Okay, that should still be enough or at least a good start. You said that you were making this for school, so I have some more questions:

  • Have you started your project yet? If so, how far have you come?
  • Did you get to choose freely or within some boundaries for your school assignment (which I assume that you are doing), or did you get any specific instructions from your teacher about how to make a “choose your own adventure” game? If so, what instructions did you get? Do your understand those?


We’ve found a game that we’re basing the code off of, but we might need a bit more. There’s no real boundaries for this project. Everyone’s doing something different. It’s just supposed to test our skills in responding to failure and prototyping.


Okay, I understand. How far have you come with your project right now? Also, are you making sure that you are allowed to use code from the user that originally created the project that you are basing your code of?


We’re about halfway. I’m pretty sure that we’re allowed to base our code off the other user’s code.