Need help with an old game

Here is the link: Pre-alpha, need help, #debugme, #games, by Parakeet. Blue
This is a game I made a while ago on my other account, but I just stopped working on it because it got too hard.
Is there any way to fix it (if it can even work in the first place, lol)?

I think there’s a pretty detailed description of how it’s supposed to act in the project.

(I’m hoping I did all this correctly, I’m still new here, so I don’t know how anything works yet.)


How does it determine which state it should be in? I’ve looked at the code and I think I get it but I’m not quite sure.


Honestly I don’t really remember, it’s been 4 months since I coded it.
But I’m pretty sure I coded it to change state based on relation to player position and size.
So if it’s close to the player, and larger than the player, it chases you, if it’s smaller, it runs, etc.
Other than that I don’t quite know what I wrote in the code, I’ve learned a lot since then.
I might just have to redo the whole thing.


You did perfectly fine : )


My impression so far is that you use these variables to determine the state. if it is one, it is the current state:

Does that sound correct or am I not reading the code correctly?


Yes, you are reading it correctly.
And each variable is either true or false depending on what I mentioned above.
Or at least that’s what it’s supposed to do.

(Also, sorry I’m replying a day later. There is a limit for how many posts new users can make, and I reached the limit.)


Is it possible that it sometimes tries to be in multiple states at once? Would that cause it to break? I can’t look at the code at the moment but that may be contributing to your problems.


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