Need help with a project?


Does anyone need help with a project? If you do then you can tell
Me what you need help with.

This will be the help topic! Were I help people with projects!


Nice topic!!


@Kitkat26 thank you!!!! :smiley:


I need help with a pixel art project I'm not done But I want to know if it's too small here's the link



@ValueGamesStudio is it on hopscotch? Sorry....


Um yeah why did you ask


Just tap the link then it will take you there


... Are you trying to make a dog?
Sorry about these questions I need to know
Before I help you....


It's not close to a dog it's this it's not done I just want to know if it's to small


Did you see the full thing it's not too long


@ValueGamesStudio ok


Is it too small? That's my question


@ValueGamesStudio no