Need help with a game


Hi guys I need help with my game, Mission Sonar. I don't have that much time on hopscotch anymore so I need help. Here is the link.
So when you help me and have done something more to the game just post the link so other people can work on the game. The instructions are already there (can someone put the story in as well) and the main menu are already there. So yeah. Do not publish the game and say it's your game, I will report you. And of course I will give everybody credit and MASSIVE shoutout. So yeah. Also to get the link publish the game, copy the link, and then unpublish it (paste the link here as well). And don't forget to look through the comments to find the latest version.
Here's the story


You are an astronaut. You were the only person in space at this certain time. Suddenly you see this weird rocket hing fly past you. It's going straight to earth. It collides with the earth and everything blows up. You set off on a mission to find and destroy all the alien things. And that's it you've gotta blow up the aliens or you jump over at them like geometry dash. Also, there is a boss at the end. Please make gamemodes to, so the aliens go faster and you don't have as many lives (you can't gain lives, you start off with 3). I know it's a lot, you can change it but don't change much.


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I can't help you. Sorry.


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I'll take a look


Just a question, why do you want others to code it for you?
Couldn't we help you in other ways, such as telling you kind of how we thought something should be done, and then you implemented it?

This way, you wouldn't only have an awesome game, but you would have coded it and you would have learned a lot too!


I know, it's just I can only be on on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. And plus, I'm not that good at coding


I will be coding, it's just to get it done quicker


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It's just, I need help with a game, you don't have to help, I just wanted to know if you were interested.


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I would help you @Stal98, But, I'm not on hopscotch anymore... sorry :frowning:


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